Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Ave Maria By David Lanz & Kristin Amarie


Ave Maria


David Lanz & Kristin Amarie

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is always time for a little more beauty in this troubled world, there is always a moment when we can be grateful for what is gifted to us, and through the medium of music we have the only language that actually speaks the truth constantly, and this truth, this open heart of creation today brings us both beauty and gratitude, through a stunning version of the well-known Latin prayer Ave Maria.

David Lanz is one of the world most iconic pianists, so combine his vast talents with one of the globes leading sopranos in Kristin Amarie, and then add to this menu of brilliance further, by enhancing the whole beloved experience with the inclusion of Libera Boys Choir's rising star, Luca Brugnoli, as their special guest, and you have created something quite magical indeed.

This team of magnificence proceed to manifest one of the most amazing renderings of the much loved Ave Maria, with the harmonic beauty of Brugnoli, the transcendent tones of a Lanz piano presentation, and the soaring virtuous and divine vocals of Kristin Amarie, but that’s not all, lets top this off with a simply delicious arrangement by musical maestro Kurt Bestor, to bring to the world a quality production of the highest order on Ave Maria by David Lanz & Kristin Amarie.

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