Tuesday, April 4, 2023

In the Wind By Catty.L feat. Shere Fraser


In the Wind


 Catty.L feat. Shere Fraser

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is something so wonderfully oriental about this new single called In the Wind by Catty.L feat. Shere Fraser. The softness of touch by both artists on this symbiotic creation is truly delightful, and redolent of my musical day dreams of drifting cherry blossoms in spring.

Catty.L has her piano at its most sensitive of levels, and with each brushstroke a petal falls to the ground, the charming nature of this symbiotic partnership is that both piano and Xiao flute seem organically entwined, and the excellence and pristine tenderness of a Shere Fraser presentation is something truly to behold

This is one of those pieces that you really never want to end, the energetic vibrations that flow from this composition are both meditative and ambient and, one could with ease perform Tai Chi to the music. This is instrumental music at its very best and a certain big hit on the charts for both of these amazing creators of fluent musical creations.

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