Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Jerry (A Thank You) By Ross Mitchell


Jerry (A Thank You)


Ross Mitchell

Written by

Steve Sheppard


A wonderfully passionate creation can be found here in Jerry (A Thank You), the master creator is pianist Ross Mitchell and this manifestation is a heartfelt dedication to the doctor that saved his life as a child when he had cancer, The artist and his family kept in touch with Jerry, and upon his passing the artist felt drawn to compose a piece of music that would memorialise the doctor in some way, to represent his kindness, compassion and humour, the result is a sophisticated arrangement that is truly heart felt. The performance itself is similar to a window being cast open suddenly, and the first cleansing breaths of fresh spring air hit the room.

There are some wonderful moments of fast up-tempo presentations, mixed with some slow crafted segments of nothing other than sheer genius, along with a sensitive back drop of piano harmonics, which give the whole piece the mood of an ethereal nature.

Here on this brand new single Mitchell literally gives it his all, by showing the good doctor just what stunning talents he had saved for the world to enjoy. This new offering from the artist will no doubt touch the hearts of many who listen, and may well inspire others as well and is a truly touching tribute to the doctor himself.

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