Friday, April 7, 2023

New Dawn By Lorna James


New Dawn


Lorna James

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I remember once standing on the bank side of a wonderfully misty lake in England with my father at around 3.30 AM, we waited together like patient monoliths, unmoving, resolute and waiting for the sun to rise on that sublime June morning, and as it did, as those first few tendrils of golden light peaked over a shimmering horizon, I heard music in my head, music very similar to this quite moving and uplifting opus of piano brilliance by Lorna James, and one quite aptly called New Dawn.

Lorna clearly has the subject matter of this new single at the very forefront of her mind, her performance and the arrangement pinned together are both complete works of art, the symphonic back drop, the gentle but purposeful piano presentation, these are some of the most moving you will find in this incredibly packed genre today.

As I listen to this piece once more I can honestly say for me that this must be the soundtrack for the early hours of the day, while most are sleeping with eyes closed, James must have been standing in nature gazing at the most humbling moment of a New Dawn for her, a simply breath taking new offering indeed, and I am certain that this one is going to rise up high in the charts also.

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