Monday, May 23, 2022

Soft Harbour By Ethereal Planes


Soft Harbour


Ethereal Planes

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is a fine art to creating truly good ambient music, Eno created the space in between spaces, Al Gromer Khan manifested a quietness of mood of a location, and G.W Deuter crossed both boundaries and brought peace and tranquillity to all of his listeners, here Ethereal Planes with this new single Soft Harbour, have painted a vision of an utterly picturesque ambient new age styled landscape, and it is easy to get lost within the realm of this masterful opus, but one I willingly would wish to do, I am on my 4th play right now.

The floating textures and keyboards build up a wonderful atmospheric mood, one so vast and all-encompassing, its dream like reverie is a delight to bathe within, and a home, or perhaps a musical sanctuary has been created here by the artist in a long form arrangement that is a sublime 13 + minutes in duration, Never a better time has been spent drifting on this tapestry of tone and tranquillity, in a manifestation of music you simply never want to end.

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