Friday, May 20, 2022

How To Fall Down By Marcello Liverani


How To Fall Down


Marcello Liverani

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have been blessed recently, as I have had a few albums to review that have brought a blissful sense of ambience into my life, this new album from Marcello Liverani not only gives me that, but also takes me on a journey through some of the finest examples of instrumental music you’re likely to find, all this is on the album How To Fall Down.

I am of course very familiar with the work of this sublime artist, and the Italian composer of incredibly moving soundscapes is always a master in the art of creating sensitive and emotive moods through his creations, like the opening piece Chasing The Sky, a track I just had to listen to several times over this morning, or the quite breathtakingly beautiful A Glimpse, there are things in this life that calm the senses, this amazing composition would be one of them, it is so very easy to listen too.

There are six stunning tracks on this album, each and every one of them are inner dimensions of their own existences, rock pools of creative ambient constructs that drift and hover throughout reality, however I must say that my favourite of all would be A Fragment of Stillness, this simply splendid composition took me back to the great days of ambient music, and reminded me very much so of the late but superb Harold Budd in its performance.

The final offering is entitled Where I Come To An End and it is a fine example of Liverani’s musical intelligence, each and every note has a place to go, and a home to live in, and at times reminded me of Mike Oldfield in progression, style and intent.

How To Fall Down by Marcello Liverani is one of those albums I am oh so very grateful to have come across, it is a sublime collection of ambience meets piano, and in doing so manifesting a whole new reality of tone and vibration, one that brings a tranquil energy to the table with ease, but in doing so, the artist layers each note with a mastery that creates a veritable tapestry of tender musical textures, I would recommend this one very highly indeed.

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