Friday, May 20, 2022

A Letter from Mars By David Gómez


A Letter from Mars


David Gómez

Written by

Steve Sheppard


David Gómez is a new name to me, so I was eager to hear the contents of this brand new offering from the artist entitled A Letter From Mars, at its conclusion I felt truly moved, the essence of the album was quite profound and would remain with me for the remainder of the day.

The opening piece is wonderfully ambient, yet has tinges of a reflective and almost mournful mood. I am referring of course to the title track, A Letter From Mars, and one simply has to respect a musician who places this artistic beginning of all canvases at the opening piece on the album; I have played this piece several times now and still I find It incredibly emotive.

The album itself is a 10 track collection of ambient piano with added instrumentation that carries with it a special energy, one that is akin to holding the keys to a memory palace of musical reflections, a fine example of that is the mood filled opus of Live in Another Life.

We can drift through the eddies of tracks like Spacewoman, a smooth and incredibly fluent offering that holds an emotional mood beautifully, or the light-hearted reverie of Thousands of Pianos Floating on the Moon, all just go to highlight what a sublime album this most certainly is.

The penultimate track also has a resonance of its very own with its symbiotic string and piano construction in the song Between Jupiter and Saturn, a piece that seems to coalesce around itself, and the concluding composition in Welcome to Nuwa, a track that holds textures and layers of a happier refrain and arrival within its overall arrangement.

A Letter from Mars by David Gómez has to be the most unique album I have had the pleasure to listen to this year by far. The artist creates an ambience to his music, which then manifest’s into a warm comforting pastiche of colour, where the listener can simply float and drift with the music as they wish.

A Letter from Mars by David Gómez is an album I would have in my collection at all costs, as this is a release that offers something different, yet still holds the security blanket of musical comfort firmly between its fingers.

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