Thursday, July 30, 2020

Zentronique By Michael Regina



Michael Regina

Written by

Steve Sheppard


A completely chilled and fascinating experience can be had by listening to the latest release by artist Michael Regina and his brand new album Zentronique. Here is an album that is packed with an abundance of smooth yet classy compositions, and one that I have just enjoyed listening to in its entirety just before writing this review.

The journey starts with the Vangelis styled opus Frontiers, a grand beginning full of power and electronic flavour, with a little hint of David Wright in the mix as well.

This most illustrious of openings leads us into one of several charming chill out tracks, this one entitled The Gates. As an ambient keyboardist myself I found the arrangement particularly interesting, the melody was warm to listen to and gave the listener an utterly charming film score like musical narrative to enjoy.

All Good Things is our next port of call, a beautifully fluent piano styled arrangement which seems to just drift past like an errant summer cloud. The performance here was deeply enjoyable and gave a certain feeling of ambience to me that I found particularly pleasing.

The next offering entitled Connections seemed familiar to me; the percussion added more depth to the song, and manifested for me a wonderful sense of musical movement that carried me along as a willing partner.

As we touch the half way marker we come across a beautiful opus called Human Condition. There was something so very moving about this track; its gentle symphonic gestures reminded me in parts of David Whaler at times. This offering would turn out to be one of my personal favourites off the album, partly because of the amazing transition at the 1:40 mark, from a new age floaty offering into a full blow and empowering cinematic sound track of a composition.

The time has arrived for us to enjoy the title track, and thus Zentronique is before us, this wonderful chill out arrangement has all the hall marks of becoming a classic track that will be remembered by fans of this genre, and more so the electronic one for ages to come. Here is a piece that flows like an April stream, the percussion is perfect and the keyboards swirl to manifest a wonderfully mesmeric state.

Maxim M Chill picks up the pace and escalates the albums energy to a completely higher plain. This is music for a hot summer’s day by the pool, and one composition that is just about to get selected for my next chill out lounge playlist.

We have a state of complete bliss before us now, one that creates its own musical narrative by its chilled beat, and defines itself by its classy production and performance. Regina’s musical prowess has grown with each passing track and this masterful piece of electronic wizardry is another fine example for you to enjoy, and called In The Ether.

The mixture of EM meets chill out is idyllic for my tastes as I hope it is yours too, with that in mind, we are now swimming in the deeper waters of this release, and as we do so we come across another movie styled opus called Hybrid. The perfect measures of synths, keyboards and percussion deliver an almost Sci-Fi arrangement.

Communion is our penultimate offering and this anthem like arrangement is a perfectly placed calming composition that allows us a little time of reflection. The tranquil keyboards are so redolent of the subject matter, then the percussive marching beat gives us a sense of something all coming together just at the right time, a fine example of build and progression within a musical composition can be found here.

So we have reached the last gateway to the album and it is entitled Hello Together. I listened to this a few times and would have to agree this is the ideal track to end the album with; it has a narrative that seems to wind up the entire experience of the album. The melody is cheer filled and happy, and a more fluent and charming performance you would not find in many musical places, what a great and sublime parting gift indeed.

Zentronique by Michael Regina is a thoroughly enjoyable album packed with chilled tracks and crafted electronic performances, the melodies flow like an abundant musical river, and this is without doubt one of those releases that is utterly timeless in its presentation. Zentronique by Michael Regina is a must have electronic chilled release that will bring comfort calm and happiness to your day and that can’t be a bad thing can it?

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