Friday, July 24, 2020

From My Heart to Yours By Ken Noland

From My Heart to Yours


Ken Noland

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Ken Noland is back and fresh on the trail of his chart topping success with the hit album Walking the Path of Peace. This new organic offering is entitled From My Heart to Yours and contains many fascinating insights into the world of solo flute and nature as well. 

The first few footfalls are partnered with the refrains of the woodland bird community, as Noland gifts us his opening piece Greeting a New Day, the symphonic choir of nature sings in perfect harmony with the artist on this new beginning. 

We have many elements of originality within this new release, one that even contains either a toad or a tree frog, we have them here, but the sound is slightly smoother. However this is a truly clever performance as one can feel the symbiosis with the flautist on the piece called, My Old Friend

The longest piece on the album has a virtual choir of nature around it, this harmonic convergence entitled Free Me was one of my personal favourites from the release, combine this with the rustic fire crackling opus of All is Well, and you have two of the finest offerings off the album, this one in particular reminded me of flute performer Paul Adams and his work on the Sleep the Dreaming Flute

The healing sanctuary of water is our next stop; it truly feels like Noland has taken us for a magical walk through the countryside on this musical sojourn and Peaceful Time with its ever flowing stream continues that theme. 

A sublime moment of solo flute will fall upon your very soul with the quite breathtaking Creator Hear Me, if ever there was a true song of respect, this would be the one, a deep and heartfelt performance. 

Breath in the Air has to be one of the most original compositions I have heard for years, connecting with the elements is a wonderful idea, but I don’t think I have heard a musical song to the air done so well and as fluently as this one. 

We are now solidly in the latter half of the album and as we move ever onward we come across a warmly performed tune entitled Joyful Soul. There is almost a motif of a dance within this performance that is so addictive to listen to, one with a backdrop of nature to aid the way as well. 

The scene is set perfectly by the artist on Raindrops. There is a mournful repose to his performance that gives time for thought and reflection, the rumbling distant storm in the background was absolutely sublime and moved us into the next piece with ease, an after dark composition entitled Night Voices, once more the mood was captured perfectly and the sounds of the dark hours danced with Noland’s bright and celebratory flute. 

On I Hear Your Voice, we have a deep resonating flute; one that tugs at the very emotions of the listener, this one resonated with me greatly and reminded me of flautist Chrissie Sheppard’s Raven Cove in the context of the oceanic energies and spiritual sentiments. 

My Heart To Yours takes us into the darker regions of our musical forest, and this solo performance sets us up perfectly for the penultimate track off the album entitled Heart Song, a track of natural rustic nature. 

We have now arrived at the last meadow of our woodland concert and here we have the gift of Hello World to take us out of the album, Noland uses a lighter flute for this ending composition, and finishes with a crisp and clear arrangement. 

From My Heart to Yours by Ken Noland proves the artist is on the right pathway to becoming a very well-remembered flute performer, his cultured, organic and heartfelt performances all work beautifully with the constructional theme, and the natural sounds are simply idyllic, if you’re a fan of solo flute music, you’re going to want to have From My Heart to Yours by Ken Noland in your collection as soon as you can.

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