Thursday, July 23, 2020

Eternity: Improv in B-Flat Major By Tim Neumark

Eternity: Improv in B-Flat Major


Tim Neumark

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Tim Neumark has to be one of the finest male solo piano performers around today, his touch, his style and sensitivity, are simply outstanding and enjoyable, talents to bathe in. Now the artist has happily brought out a major new single for us to enjoy in this time of confusion and despair called Eternity: Improv in B-Flat Major.

The performance is indeed eternal, and the continuing motifs on the keys bring us a never ending example of beauty in presentation, then the increased elevation in power and then the slow pulling back was truly crafted.

The key element for any listener was the warm and friendly melody, one that gave hope and comfort; this is one of those singles that you will find it impossible not to like. Eternity: Improv in B-Flat Major I am sure will be destined for the higher echelons of charts with ease.

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