Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Love Flows By The Song Gardeners

Love Flows


The Song Gardeners

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have come to expect quality compositions these days, the genre that could loosely be described as New Age is on the upward march and now embracing the ever growing singles market, but today I was utterly blown away with this latest single by the band The Song Gardeners entitled Love Flows, written by Mary Gospe.

The combination that brings the magic to our ears is singer/songwriter Corrie Dunn (vocals, piano, guitar), singer/songwriter Mary Gospe (lead vocals, guitar, flute), and Chris Day (bass) with additional guitars are by David Scheibner.

As a guitarist myself I loved the work on this new single, its music to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Love Flows is simply musical beauty at a whole new level, and I testify to that, as this is now my fifth consecutive play and it won’t be my last.

Here is a composition bathed in something we desperately as a planet need now, positivity, it is without doubt an absolute must buy song indeed.

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