Thursday, March 7, 2024

On the Edge of Mind By Victor Birkan


On the Edge of Mind


Victor Birkan

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Victor Birkan is one of the most prolific composers of felt piano on the music scene today, in fact in some quarters he is known as Mr Felt, his ability to draw a compelling musical narrative from his instrumentation of choice is simply stunning, with each composed note, with each structure or key change, Birkan is there with another tale to tell, and this time his new single On The Edge Of Mind is that narrative we are to explore.

This is a much darker piece; Birkan’s touch is felt well within the arrangement, one that is deeply moving and emotionally charged, this reflective and somewhat mournful composition paints a picture of sadness and confusion that has entered the life of a person, and at times the music literally illustrates the sense of being overwhelmed by it all.

The composition itself is carefully created, and the sensitive touch by the pianist is perfect within this moving track, with memories and passion both being contrasting juxtapositions within the song, one that is powerful, yet also mindful of the situation, surely another hit is on its way again for Victor Birkan with his latest single On the Edge of Mind

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