Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Regenerate By Craigology





Written by

Steve Sheppard


The solo piano skills of Craigology came before me today in the guise of a brand new single entitled Regenerate, and this must be the artist’s most powerful presentation to date, with a true level of both power and intensity added to a sensitive layer of emotive energy on the keys.

This composition is a fine example of build, progression and final coda, or in this case climax. The piano here is an expressive thing, the tones, and notes played give one a essence of change, growth and conclusion, and to do all that in just over 100 seconds is quite remarkable.

Craigology is a flourishing and adaptable artist, with singles released in the jazz and chill out genres, but on Regenerate we have a graphic and commanding performance, one that the artist dominates completely, in this new Piano Micro Form genre of well under two minute compositions, you have to get your message and musical point over quickly, and Craigology succeeds by producing one of the most compelling solo piano performances of its kind.

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