Thursday, March 21, 2024

Wonder Moments By Mad Dog Friedman


Wonder Moments


Mad Dog Friedman

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Mad Dog Friedman has been on a journey, that voyage is life and all that encompasses this exploration that we all take jointly, however his flute is his trusty friend along this weaving path of emotions, and this latest album entitled Wonder Moments is a 15 track release that allows the listener to delve into the realm, moods and insights of the artist through both his musical performance and his audible musings.

Each piece has a title, but the journey is so personal it’s better to refer to each manifestation in the sum of the entire total of the collection of artistic pieces, however for me, one of the most descriptive offerings can be found on Lesson In The Garden, the listener can be truly transported into this beautiful moment of great colour, textures and even scents.

On Memory Care, a tender prose to time passing and aging can be found, whilst on As the Star Go Out, time and tide passes further in an almost entropy styled opus, an emotive, yet accepting nuanced composition of great awareness.

This entire album is filled with deep insights and observations, and those audio segments symbiotically flow with Mad Dogs most harmonious flute, the tone and style of this album remind me of Nigel Shaw’s Dartmoor Roundhouse with reference to the flute presentation, but moreover to a release called Great Spirit Told Me, released back in 2006 by Michael Looking Coyote.

The album in reality of a story, a tale told by a sensitive and artistic author and quality flute performer; the concluding narrative entitled Hooked is a fine example of just how descriptive a thinker and composer Mad Dog most assuredly is, and also a moving way with which to conclude one of the most unique of releases I have heard for many a year.

If you like your album collection to have contained within in it a release of such powerful and emotive audio and flute splendour, then your quest is at an end by adding Wonder Moments by Mad Dog Friedman to your collection. I found each recitation compelling, caring and deeply thoughtful and incredibly special, this is a journey not to be missed. 

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