Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Gentle Winds Calling By Larry Gindhart Music


Gentle Winds Calling


Larry Gindhart Music

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The warm winds of an approaching summer drift past your face, and you can palpably feel the sense that life and the seasons are once again changing, for me, this new single, Gentle Winds Calling by Larry Gindhart illustrates my mood perfectly, and this pristine flute performance by the artist is a true gem to be savoured.

Gindhart’s precision and intent on this piece is simply beautiful, his powerful yet soothing performance on flute is transcendent, but also very mindful and meditative, his fluency is without doubt deeply enjoyable, this is one of those pieces that if it were 10 minutes long, you would never tire of it.

The gentle, yet uplifting musical narrative is precise, crisp and clean, and draws a wonderful sense of harmony across the mind, which in turns allows the listener to breathe in a moment of tranquil bliss, this is solo flue at its very best, and as such it should be much sought after by fans of the instrument across the globe.

For me I found Gentle Winds Calling by Larry Gindhart cathartic and connected with the natural order of life’s rich patterns, this is a fine flute presentation and one that Larry should be proud of, I am sure he will also be proud of this new singles future rise up the charts as well, as I truly believe it is inevitable.

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