Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Prayer: Gratitude by John Hamilton


Prayer: Gratitude


John Hamilton

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I am often presented with music that gifts the listener a tranquil moment, perhaps a serene refrain to relax too, here on this brand new single from John Hamilton, both of those aspects can be found within his new offering Prayer: Gratitude, and moreover a true sense of gratitude and peace as well can be garnered, nestled within its delicious confines.

This I must say has to be one of the finest presentations of solo piano I have heard so far this year, and trust me, I listen to many such creations, but this one for me is very special, that sense of being grateful flows between each key stroke, and after all isn’t gratitude a prayer to oneself, it’s an awareness that you recognise just how precious this life is, and what’s more, you acknowledge it, the tones that drift like a summer haze from Johns piano gift us a realisation that indeed every single second we have is incredibly precious.

So I must honestly say that Prayer: Gratitude by John Hamilton is a true solo piano gem, it is a sanctuary of musical bliss for when times get rough and you need a little reminder to stay in the moment and be grateful, it is a panacea to ease the weary brow, and even more so, I believe that this is going to be a huge hit single on the charts, it is that beautiful.

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