Thursday, March 7, 2024

Sweet Shiva By Sarves Thiru


Sweet Shiva


Sarves Thiru

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Sarves Thiru has been a like a breath of fresh air in the devotional musical arena, her flowing and respectful vocals have certainly captured the hearts and minds of the listeners, and here on this brand new single she does that once more with the release of Sweet Shiva.

The Hindu deity Shiva is her main focus on this new offering, over the years we have heard many artists pay homage to the one who can be sometimes known as Mahadeva, such as Deva Premal, but here Sarves expands upon that and creates a compelling musical composition, one that feels energetically linked to the aforementioned Shiva.

The fused global vibrations of this piece, its percussive rhythm and string sections, added acoustic guitar and keyboards, all go to bring about a warm and effective composition. The smoothness of this creation is gentle, but with a wonderfully fluent aspect to its creation.

Interestingly enough Shiva is thought, amongst other traits, to be the god of Yoga, and the subtle yet effortless tones of this new single would be a good one to use in such a practise, regardless it certainly looks like Sarves Thiru is going to have another big hit on her hands with this new single entitled, Sweet Shiva.

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