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Native Flute Journeys 4 By Sandi Horton


Native Flute Journeys 4


Sandi Horton

Written by

Steve Sheppard


In 2022 Sandi released the work Native Flute Journeys 3, two years later volume 4 of this most beautiful of albums has been born to the world, and within its musical confines lie 11 of the most delightful flute journeys you will ever take, this voyage of musical bliss will be one of the most serene and tranquil harmonic sojourns you will have ever taken.

Native Flute Journeys 4 starts with the flowing and natural refrains of Song of the Heartwood, a composition that is so dream-filled in its intent and calming posture, that it is a simple delight not to be missed.

The entire album is packed with heartfelt and emotive compositions; tracks like Out of the Flames, with its mysterious vibrations and chimes, create a feeling of utter Zen and meditative contemplation. Whilst on A Thankful Heart we have well over 6 minutes of tranquillity provided by a double drone flute to revel in, this echoes around our forest of musical wonderment with the beautiful tones of true gratitude and harmony, and then on pieces like Genesis we have an almost soundtrack like offering that is the beginning to all that it perceives, and is a slice of textured flute brilliance.

This is one of those albums, that if you are a flute music fan, you are really not going to want to miss it, compositions that can inspire, bring peace and usher in a new dawn of healing are all here for you, in tracks like A Song in the Breeze, which has such a soothing narrative it is hard not to hit repeat on the presentation, and may well be one of the most ambient offerings from the album.

The penultimate offering is one I personally found fascinating, I know a lot of the moon phases, but had never heard of Sturgeon Moon.  The performance by Sandi must be one of the most scenic on the release, and one that celebrates the fish of the same name, the female of which can live to an astounding 150 years old, so perhaps it deserves a song about its life!

The album concludes with a jolly little creation entitled Sky Weaving which rounds up one of the most beautiful flute albums I have heard thus far this year. There can be no doubt that Sandi Horton is right up there as one of the best Native American styled flute performers of her day, and the release of Native Flute Journeys 4 will go far in cementing her legacy among the greats in the months and years ahead. Simply put, if you like the tones of a musical flute Native American style, then this compilation of meditational bliss must be a part of your collection at all costs.

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