Thursday, March 7, 2024

Aurora By Jacquelyn G. Kleine




Jacquelyn G. Kleine

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are few artists who can actively paint musical descriptions of locations with such colour and clarity as Jacquelyn G. Kleine, her rise to fame in the new age genre has been meteoric, and she thoroughly deserves all the plaudits she gets for her efforts, but she has now released a new single called Aurora that will add many rungs to her new found ladder of musical success.

This is one of the most transcendent offerings I have heard from the artist, the synths and keyboards flow with the magical refrains that Llewellyn once captured with his meditational release, Journey to the Temple, and the descriptive tapestry of style is manifested with the tenderness and care that Michael Allison brought to life so beautifully on his Autumn Light album.

There can be no doubt that this new single from Jacquelyn is going to usher in a new era of dominance for the artist in the new age music scene, maybe even music for a documentary may lie here too. This is a fine example of truly good instrumental music, with each chord and note played Jacquelyn takes us on a journey to the northern lights in a musically vicarious way, and our lives will be changed by its beauty forever more,. If ever a song is a guaranteed number 1 hit, it has to be Aurora by Jacquelyn G. Kleine, and I rarely say things like this, but I think Aurora is one of the best singles in this genre I have heard for absolutely decades!

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