Monday, September 4, 2023

The Whisper Resistance By Tom Caufield


The Whisper Resistance


Tom Caufield

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Tom Caufield is without doubt one of the finest instrumentalists of his day and certainly one of the most artistic creators of his trade. On this brand new album entitled The Whisper Resistance this statement is emphasised perfectly as Tom brings us one of the most compelling and thoughtful albums of the decade.

This creation is deeply emotional and riveting, its structures give us world weary listeners, a sanctuary to both explore and become the hermit of our lives within, listen to the opening as an example called Whisper One, featuring the vocals of Maya Rosenbaum, it may just be two minutes in duration, but this is a composition that sets the scene beautifully, with such a level of artistic grace and style too.

The album itself is some 8 tracks long and is a soothing musical narrative that everyone will want a slice of. On Navigating The Fall we see Caufield at his ambient best, listen to the textured pastiche of his acoustic guitar and the soft back drop of sound that is manifested here, this is so very touching, but so very palpable, listen also for the lush and imploring violin of Sangeet-Richard Downs, his performance adds so many extra layers to the arrangement, both Rosenbaum and Downs appear on multiple tracks on the album as well.

I have been a fan of Toms work for many years now and his ambient meaningful constructs never cease to please me; an example on this album would be the tracks The Pocket Cathedral and the title track itself The Whisper Resistance, both pieces are beautifully balanced, both are melodious in their own way, and both compositionally crafted with such intelligence and care.

While the concluding piece Fold In Slowly truly speaks as to who Tom Caufield is, artistic, tender of touch and emotionally connected to the art of manifesting amazingly moving instrumental music, this is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most ambient creations I have heard to leave a project, but one that will leave the listener with a sense of hope, pleasure and tranquillity.

The Whisper Resistance by Tom Caufield has to be his best work so far, from the very moment you press play you are taken to a world of calm hope and serene vistas. There can be little doubt that The Whisper Resistance is one of the most calming and mesmeric albums to have been released this year, and as usual, Toms music is a timeless collection of musical beauty and soothing tones, this is what the world needs more than ever now, so today it maybe now time to join the Whisper Resistance itself.

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