Thursday, September 21, 2023

Inception By Elisabeth Niggl




Elisabeth Niggl

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This is a truly addictive composition by Elizabeth Niggl; it is called Inception and gifts the listener an upbeat crossover single, one that drifts between several genres, mainly electronic and flute; however the percussive energies within this new offering were incredibly rhythmic and intense too.

The slow almost ambient start was quickly transformed into a deeper more intense arrangement as the flute built upon a solid foundation of a mysterious offering. Indigenous essences arrive with the drum beat, and the flutes dance with it.

I haven’t heard flute played in this style since the great Terry Oldfield on his album Zen - The Search for Enlightenment back in ‘91; however the artist would go further adding the electronic beat in a Berlin styled performance, and in doing so manifested one of the most original and organic flute based presentations I have heard for years, a stylish vibrant song indeed from Elisabeth Niggl and I am sure the listeners will agree too.

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