Thursday, September 14, 2023

Beyond the Shadows by Ryan Judd


Beyond the Shadows


Ryan Judd

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I enjoy the works of Ryan Judd in the same way as I enjoy the experience of electronic supremo Kevin Kendle; both artists have a delicious way of creating music that draws you into a beautiful pictorial narrative, a world of imagined memories in an ultra-reflective way. While Kendle uses synths as his main wand of creation, Judd utilises the acoustic guitar, and in my view he is now one of the world’s best, at creating ambient soundscapes with it.

On this brand new single entitled Beyond the Shadows we have an interesting musical juxtaposition, one that leads us from those shadows and into the light, and one that offers a better way ahead in the distance, whilst still residing in the realm of shadow.

This masterful interplay on guitar is so beautifully performed; it will leave a sigh on your breath, and a tear in the corner of the eye. A soft synth bed leads us into this timeless reverie of ambience, while Judd’s guitar draws breath-taking notes from the strings in such an emotive way, that one can literally feel it from the heart on up and pouring out into the world.

Beyond the Shadows by Ryan Judd is a stunning new single from the artist, perhaps his best so far, it has slow moving and an emotional tempo and minor refrains that give us an autumnal feel, and a moment of palpable reflection with which to look back on fondly. This is masterful ambient guitar, a song that should be spun by everyone who likes truly excellent moving musicianship.

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