Thursday, September 7, 2023

The Last Chapter B y Victor Birkan

The Last Chapter

B y

Victor Birkan

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Victor Birkan is one of those rare pianists that as soon as he starts playing, a story unfurls from the notes touched, and a whole new mood of music is created by a man who is a master of creating such heart felt and honest solo piano.

Here on his latest manifestation entitled The Last Chapter we can visualise through the musical narrative, a conclusion coming to the foreground, a dawning realisation that a matter is about to be finally ended, and all that has gone on before to create this ending point is revealed through the major and minor interplay in the single, it’s energy is like reading a book, much time has been invested into reading a certain novel, now it becomes evident, by the few pages left, that the final page draws ever nearer.

This is one of cleverest pieces yet manifested by Birkan, his performance itself is delightfully rhythmic as well, and it is indeed an arrangement that has great metre and fluency contained within too.

The Last Chapter by Victor Birkan could well be the most prolific release of his career so far, and his followers and the legions of solo piano fans will absolutely love every single second of this story telling new offering entitled, The Last Chapter.


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