Thursday, September 7, 2023

A Different View By Vincent Boot


A Different View


Vincent Boot

Written by

Steve Sheppard


My music lately has had a delightful touch of ambience about it, and this new single by Vincent Boot thankfully carries on the same vein of musical thought. This new work of course is the latest single from the artist and entitled A Different View, for me it was the best two minutes and thirty seven seconds I have spent listening to solo piano for simply ages.

Boot creates a wonderfully calm, almost timeless feel here on this new composition that is so very appealing. At the moment I sit on my own, with the late summer sun streaming in through my window, a beautiful breeze makes my curtains dance, and the shadows of an afternoon on the horizon move symbiotically with the dust further highlighted by the sun’s rays.

That aforementioned comment describes what for me is the mood and feeling manifested by Vincent on this new offering, his presentation on piano is nothing less than artistically sublime, and captures the same level of ambience of a Sunday morning in late September, calming, full of change, but completely tranquil and serene.

Personally I rate this new piece to be one of the finest compositions that Vincent has both created and played, to prove that point, I am now on my fifth consecutive listen as it is so delightful, which leaves me to say that surely if there is any justice in the world A Different View by Vincent boot should be a massive hit for the artist, and a must have for all fans of solo piano.

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