Thursday, September 14, 2023

Accretion Disc By Hyperion V


Accretion Disc


Hyperion V

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I would have to say that this album has to be one of the most fascinating releases I have had the pleasure of reviewing in 2023, but what briefly is an Accretion Disc? An accretion disk is a structure (often a circumstellar disk) formed by diffuse material in orbital motion around a massive central body, such as a sun or star, and with that out of the way, lets release docking clamps and head off out into space with Hyperion V, on one of the most addictive voyages through the media of electronic music and percussion I have heard for decades.

The break away from our orbital rotation can be done by pressing play on the opening track entitled Astasis. This is a superb fast paced opening piece that grants the listener a track packed with the energy of an onward and forward movement, as our musical ship goes forth. The driving keyboards, percussion and electronic wizardry truly emphasises our voyage ahead.

Hyperion V is Ben Cox, Thomas Park (aka Mystified) and Plexus, and together they have probably delivered the most unique album of the year thus far. Listen to tracks like Surface Gravity, a creation that has a chilled vibe to its construction, one similar to those that flourished in the chill-out genre in the late 90’s, a sublime and wonderful beat is added to by a masterful keyboard, the culmination of which manifests a steady yet serene musical environment.

We now move to track 3 entitled Lagrangian Point. Lagrange points are points of equilibrium for small-mass objects under the gravitational influence of two massive orbiting bodies, the percussion and swirling keyboards bring to our musical table, a piece that does indeed feel like we are being pulled back and forth from one source to another in the most hypnotic of ways.

Spectroscopic Binary pushes the whole project forward with a total flourish and some of the best keyboard related chill-out cross electronic styled presentations can be found here. This would be one of my personal favourites from the album, one that contains an almost sensual movement within its musical constraints, but certainly one that delightfully dances its way across the cosmos in a most vibrational of ways.

Baryogenesis, this is something that seems to keep coming up in my studies and is perhaps the fulcrum between matter and anti-matter in a universal construct. The sharp percussive beat here adds a great energy to the piece, and the spoken audio an extra layer that builds on the bass styled progression, and smooth and explorative keyboards.

We reach the midway point of the album and in doing so we reach one of the most descriptive of compositions entitled Deep Sky Object.  This specific offering is another all-time favourite of mine from the album, the deep ranging synths; the swirling reality created here is outer-worldly and reminded me of the space works of UK electric supremo Kevin Kendle at times. This track is without doubt one of the most descriptive and artistic manifestations from the album and well worth further spins.

We come to an arrangement called Oumuamua, this is a fascinating global fusion of a track, one that holds an almost Aboriginal vibe within its illuminating construct. Oumuamua is the first interstellar object detected passing through the Solar System, I believe spotted in 2017. The rhythmic and indigenous feel to this track makes it a must play, the essence and energies of this composition alone are a marvel to enjoy repeatedly.

Synchronous Orbit is up next, once more the percussive power and intensity emphasise this space, the juxtaposition of the electronic nature and keyboards of the track offer up a rhythmic composition that seems to recreate itself in a harmonious orbit around us, much like the Synchronous Orbits that most of Earths satellites take up around the globe.

We arrive at the deep regions of space now and as we do so we come across this next piece called Protoplanet. Here a multitude of repeating electronic motifs seems to swirl in and around themselves, much as the nature of a Protoplanet itself. Here lies an arrangement that is incredibly complex and artistically superior.

Drifting further into the inky blackness of space we arrive at the portal of a track entitled Graviton. With elements of bands like Code Indigo and So Percussion, Hyperion V add an almost dance styled energy into this manifestation to create a piece that has amazing vibrancy and rhythm.

The penultimate piece off the release is entitled Flare Star, this is a track that literally bursts into life and spreads its flourishing techniques around for all to see and enjoy, this is one of the most breath taking pieces off the album employing not only EM, but vastly progressive moments of both Electronica and chill-out, with the percussive brilliance of an artist like Karsh Kale, Flare Star is that track that hits you right between the eyes, it dares to be different and does it with such style.

Our concluding piece is the dramatic Coronal Mass Ejection; I believe our amazing sun gave us one of these recently a few days ago in fact. The grandness of this piece perfectly depicts the sun and its symbiotic ejaculations from its sphere of plenty! This has to be one of the most incredible arrangements to end with that I have seen and heard for years, top marks for that alone, but what a sublime and stunning conclusion to an album indeed, and this is probably the only time in my career as a writer I have ever used the word ejaculations to describe a point!

Accretion Disc by Hyperion V is another wonderful release by one of the most forward thinking records labels in the world in Spotted Peccary, this varied, scientific and galactic journey of an album is one of, if not the most unique, artistic and intelligent releases I have heard for decades, it’s like a truly good book, impossible to put down.

Accretion Disc by Hyperion V contains its varied styles, presentations and performances, all will thrill fans of electronic music, chill-out and new age space music, simply put Hyperion V have all the bases covered, this therefore is a must purchase album.  

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