Thursday, September 21, 2023

Horizon By Elisabeth Niggl




Elisabeth Niggl

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Listening to Horizon by Elisabeth Niggl was a happy occasion, her style on her latest single took me back to the start of the century, and a part of my vast new age collection of Cd’s, yes I did mention Cd’s, part of that collection contained work similar to this wonderful new single, ah such sweet memories

Horizon starts with an indigenous drum beat, the smart beats of an electronic back drop filters through into the composition in such a clever and well thought out way, while the keyboards manifested for me a mood of a wondrous view, maybe that of one seen from reaching the top of a huge hill. The melody floats with the clouds and manifests such calm and tranquillity.

This symbiotic well-presented styled piece, its compositional structures and electronic patterns reminded me of two old friends from this genre in Gandalf from his Earth and Sky album from 2003, and the glorious new age performer Phil Thornton and his album Transformation from 1999.

Horizon by Elisabeth Niggl I believe is a timeless reverie of song, its music that you will remember in the years ahead for some personal reason; however it is that good that I have a feeling a potential number one could be on the cards for Horizon by Elisabeth Niggl.

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