Monday, September 18, 2023

Center Line By Peter Catucci


Center Line


Peter Catucci

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This brand new single by Peter Catucci brought me an interesting juxtaposition of music, it delivered one of the most interesting rock tracks of 2023 and laid before me one of the most powerful and melodic new singles that I have heard for simply ages.

Center Line has all the intensity and passion that you would expect from a truly good rock song, the band is packed with a whole list of creative and expressive performers, including Trevor Drushal on guitar and Bruce MacPherson on Hammond Organ. I single these two out along with singer and bassist Peter Catucci because of the direction that the song took me in, one that reminded me of a curious mix of The Robert Cray Band and 80’s Deep Purple, who I guess you could say were indeed Perfect Strangers!

The entire collection of musicians on this project were simply amazing and drew a rock narrative so clean, crisp and compelling that it made you want much more of the same. The fluency and imploring style that Catucci presented on this single reminded me in some ways of Gillian back in the day, but his driving bass line, and his ability to paint with different musical and vocal strokes, added such a vast layer of intelligence into the weave of this piece, one that I feel may well become a bit of an anthem for the artist in years to come. This is pure quality rock at its best.

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