Monday, September 11, 2023

Sea of Serenity By Rick Sparks


Sea of Serenity


Rick Sparks

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are for me a few, go to artists, Eno for Ambient, Kendle for nature and space, and Rick Sparks for serenity and peace, and the master of painting glorious vistas of soothing sounds and tranquil vibes is at it again, this time within one of the most relaxing pieces ever in Sea Of Serenity.

I was only the other day talking of spending more time down at the coast once the Cypriot summer is done, and this very piece would be utterly idyllic, for example with a picnic at Raven Cove. Sparks has manifested a dream like reverie here that has a deliciously slow tempo, and a composition that crawls across the mind with the effortless movement of a cumulus cloud in September.

This for me has to be one of the most beautiful creations I think I have heard from Sparks, most certainly one of the most atmospheric, the smoothness of the keyboards, the delicate flute sounds, and all harmonised with such precision by the ethereal vocals, which for me is the foundation of this pictorial beauty of a musical narrative.

Sea of Serenity by Rick Sparks reminded me of the lyrical beauty of Lewis Carrol when he began his epic poem “All in the golden afternoon, Full leisurely we glide” This effortless musical masterpiece is a timeless pastiche of brilliance, one that I have just realised, I have now listened to seven times on repeat, this one has to be a hit, it’s too beautiful not to be, and as Carroll said, which now seems so apt “And now the tale is done, And home we steer, a merry crew, Beneath the setting sun.

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