Thursday, March 24, 2022

Timeless By David W. Donner




David W. Donner

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The artistic qualities of an acoustic guitar can never been undersold; it is one of the most creative instruments around, and here on Timeless by David W. Donner we hear that creativity, we feel that profoundness of mood and the subtleties of technique and craft, as all flow like an unfettered river of tender tones towards our own musical hearts.

Timeless is a 10 track album of some of the finest examples of acoustic guitar based and instrumental music your likely to hear, and a better place to start cannot be found than the opening piece entitled Grounded, the smooth underpinned flow of this track is simply blissful, and a perfectly balanced opus to begin our musical sojourn with.

There is a nice instrumental feel to the following offering entitled Horizons, the guitar of Donner drifts from one aspect to another, manifesting differing views and textures, while the delicate keyboards and added percussion are so wonderfully produced to give us that extra dimensional awareness.

The opening of Memorial Day reminded me of another friend in the acoustic guitar field of one Vin Downes. That reflective styled performance is very much in evidence here on what is one of my personal favourites from the album. Through the guitar we seem to be able to stop and pay respect to the past, which has gifted us a future.

That theme is somewhat continued with the pristine and heart felt tones of this next piece entitled Memories. The piano here is some of the most effective and moving I have heard for quite some time, mixed in with the strings, it gifts us always eager listeners something truly emotional to bathe within.

A tabla adds a wonderful Eastern flavour to our midway offering which is called June Gloom. The acoustic guitar and added instrumentation bring us a song that seems to want to burst out of its confinement and into the summer-filled lands of reality, the creative tempo here also gifts us a unique moment with which to sincerely appreciate the crafted genius of the composer with.

A haunting piano begins our next musical journey as the piece Reflections unwinds with care and attention, at times this piece reminds me of an old TV show theme I used to listen to many years ago about a ghost, and as I have already mentioned the word haunting in this paragraph, perhaps that is the overall feeling that I am getting from this personal favourite piece of mine from the album.

111 is our next track and can be found within the deeper parts of this musical lake we can now called Timeless by David W. Donner. For lovers of really sublime acoustic guitar this is the track that you will fall head over heels in love with, there is much here to please your narrative, the slight Latin influences are also helped by the careful and creative percussive additions.

A galactic mood can be found on this next track entitled Nebula Rising, one which contains some beautifully textured synths and guitar effects. The artist has manifested something truly amazing on this piece, in a crafted tapestry of light rock ethic meets space music.

The penultimate piece is entitled Easter Sun, and is indeed a piece to cast away those winter blues too, this is a charming musical offering that brings much pleasure to the ears of the listener, and a sublime performance on acoustic guitar that brings such comfort and warmth, this can also be found here from the artist.

Autumn Breeze is a blissful way to leave the album, in a season that is so moody and boundlessly filled with opportunities to create amazing art, and on this piece David W. Donner does just that, as he leaves us with a fine musical conclusion to a textured and beautiful instrumental album.

Timeless by David W. Donner is an album that will bring much peace and serenity to the listener, each and every track has been lovingly created to bring you the best multi-instrumental performance you could ever wish for, on an album that if purchased, will be a go-to-release of great quality for many years to come for the purchaser.

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