Monday, March 21, 2022

The Water Of Life By Kerani


The Water Of Life



Written by

Steve Sheppard


Our planet is at an extremely sensitive moment of time right now and delicate and sensitive music like this sublime creation from Kerani can only go to help and heal the wounds inflicted upon our planet. Kerani is regarded highly in the New Age/Neo Classical field, and to me her manifestations of musical craft still to this day remind me of a female Vangelis with those wondrous creations of flourishing colourful soundscapes, and on The Water Of Life thankfully that has not changed one single bit.

Tracks like the anthem styled opener entitled The Water of Life is a fine example of my aforementioned statement. Amazing sweeping symphonic gestures can be found here, and a veritable cinematic soundscape can be embraced and utterly worshipped.

This brand new album is simply packed with beauty and 10 artistically created offerings are available within the album itself, and each and every one a simple world of pleasure to enjoy, like the colourful climatic refrains of the boundless beauty that is The Blue Wonder, or the charming musical narrative of    something we would all love to find, The Fountain of Youth, a piece that within its own construction is a moment of Neo Classical genius and tenderness.

Each story line is a tale unto itself, as a coastal dweller I particularly found Ocean Tides pleasing to the senses, and thoroughly redolent of the subject matter; a track that one could easily drift away on a sea of sonic sound too, whilst the penultimate manifestation entitled Crystalline created a soft edge to my day, from a pristine moment of magical instrumental music, one so clean and crisp, and at a times almost touching the hem of Jean-Michel Jarre.

The album is concluded with the composition The Water of Life – Epilogue and of course the most idyllic and perfect way with which to end the album. Kerani has done it again; The Water Of Life is one of the finest examples of Neo Classical music currently out there, and perhaps we should all take a moment whilst listening to this magical album and realise just what actually is important to our life on this globe, and what isn’t, the Water Of Life could well be a splendid soundtrack to those mental perambulations.


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