Thursday, March 10, 2022

Seasons of Life By Antonija Pacek


Seasons of Life


Antonija Pacek

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Seasons of Life is a wonderful 14 track piano based album by Antonija Pacek, one that creates such a radiance of colours and textures, all of which drift and coalesce around the eager listener with a sense of utter joy, here on this latest sojourn through music we are gifted a special treat indeed.

From the off we dance into the heart of the album with Winter Waltz, this is but one of many tracks that will enthral the listener, the one that encapsulated my soul was the moving and emotive refrains of Rain Drops with oboe, this duo of instrumentation was simply profound.

The piano of Pacek is outstanding; the artist is clearly an intuitive creator of meaningful melodies and structures. Fall Train is a good example of that aforementioned statement, fluent, flourishing, but also tender and thoughtful, whilst Sadness again with oboe adds such a depth of mood and reflection into the proceedings, in what is an incredibly moving opus.

There are many highlights in this album that really deserve multiple listens; the concluding track is certainly one of them and called Spur of a Moment. The tempo of this arrangement is simply delightful, with a happy texture and it’s carefree, but joyous construction, this is without doubt a very classy way to finish the release.

Seasons of Life by Antonija Pacek is a veritable tapestry of tone and warm colours, it is a wonderful collection of 11 main tracks and 3 bonus editions to enjoy, piano on its own, or with added instrumentation, all are thoroughly enjoyable, at times deeply moving, and always fluent and artistic, and Pacek’s delightful skill set manifests one of the most listenable piano based albums of the year thus far.

If you’re seeking music to ease the soul and calm the mind, then Seasons of Life by Antonija Pacek must surely be made part of your musical collection post haste.

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