Friday, March 11, 2022

Ambient Sleep From myndstream


Ambient Sleep



Written by

Steve Sheppard


As an ambient musician myself, two of the things you must always search for in construction of musical composition in this genre are tone and textures, combine those and your almost there. I’m still learning, but it clearly becomes evident that on this three track offering from myndstream is that that have got it completely, as Ambient Sleep is utterly perfect and decidedly soothing, and each tone and texture is like a tapestry of serenity.

This sublime journey of vibrational tone starts with the amazing Carl Borden, I adore his work, Borden has a perfect understanding of that which is needed to create ambience, and his keyboards and ethereal vocals on the track Dreamscapes is mesmeric to say the least, and offers up a sanctuary of peace within which to drift into.

Our second opus of calm is entitled Guuterput and by The Haiku Project, this it is a sublime moment of tranquillity, all be it on a different vibrational tone from the preceding piece, never the less the artist manufactures a very classy haven of bliss. Listening to this track I am minded to fall back upon many memories of classic New Age music from the early part of this century, it is so good to hear such delightful music again.

The third and final visit to this realm of Ambient Sleep comes from another musician I have a lot of respect for as we listen to Tomorrow By Another Name by Michelle Qureshi. Here is an artist who absolutely understands what ambient means, and on this piece has once more manifested something that will be personally dear to my heart for many years to come, such beautifully layered keyboards; such a tender and reflective energy flowing into the mind body and soul can be found here.

Ambient Sleep from myndstream is a stroke of utter genius; take three high quality artists in Carl Borden, The Haiku Project and Michelle Qureshi, give them the subject of sleep through ambience, and the result is three of the best tracks in the ambient construct I have heard for simply ages. We all need a little sanctuary of peace in our world these days, and I would suggest to you that Ambient Sleep by myndstream is a really good place to start.

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