Thursday, March 3, 2022

Gardens of Zion in the Rain By Michael Borowski


Gardens of Zion in the Rain


Michael Borowski

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The true art of any good musician, and in this case, the pianist, is to allow your muse to flow from the mind after touching your heart, and allowing it access to pour its brilliance onto the hands that caress the keys of creation, and it is my delight that on Gardens of Zion in the Rain by Michael Borowski he does just that and much more.

There can be no doubt that Borowski has all the skills to become a stand out pianist of his time, and on this album the natural abilities of musical manifestation are strong, and the opening piece of this 11 track album entitled Gloriana is a fine example of artistic care, attention and sensitivity.

The longest track and the title header is without doubt one of the most amazing slices of solo piano I have heard for quite some time, Gardens of Zion in the Rain has a taste of ambience that is both compelling and utterly addictive, and once more the descriptive skill set of the artist is on show in this quite breath taking and emotive offering.

There is something about this album that makes it for me, more than just another solo piano album. Michael Borowski is not only a performer, but an artist, who in this case paints with the keys, dances with each note, and manifests with each wondrous creation. Examples of this can be found on each piece yes, but I would hold up Jaxson's Creek as an idea of the literal colour that the artist can bring to the party.

The track Bees is another example of my aforementioned statement, and this presentation literally flies around us and glides from our senses and into our very souls, this is such a wonderfully crafted and very clever performance.

Borowski concludes the album with his version of the Cyndi Lauper classic Time After Time and then a short form piece entitled April Mourning, a more reflective and respectful last piece on an album you will never find.

Gardens of Zion in the Rain by Michael Borowski in my view is the best work of the artist thus far, it is a colourful pastiche of crafted tones and textures that all flow together with sublime mastery, it is a performance which has been tailored to brings us the listener the most delightful of musical experiences. Gardens of Zion in the Rain by Michael Borowski is an album you must have if you’re a fan of classy instrumental music, and the album to choose if you’re tempted to dip your feet into the vast genre that is called solo piano. 

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