Friday, October 16, 2020

Violin Passion: Postludium Noir By Benedikt


Violin Passion: Postludium Noir



Written by

Steve Sheppard


Strings of magic are on offer on this brand new release from the flaming violin of maestro Benedikt; this simply idyllic release is a multi-textured new album that will ease the mind and sooth the soul.

The passionate flow of the artist is fully evident here, and there is not a better place to start your journey than the smooth and calming tones of the opening piece Sun Shower, a tranquil opus that is so beautifully crafted it is a delight to listen to many times over and also one that would make a splendid single.

This eight track album is full of musical wonders, and for me it is a pleasure to listen to a violin taking centre stage, for me personally it is one of only a few instruments that can manifest the mood of reflection so meaningfully, a fine example of this can be found within the ambience of the piece Willows in the Wind.

There are many compositions on this album that highlight the multi-instrumentational aspect of this collection, perhaps tracks like Secret Mirror, a mysterious opus so grand and crafted, and the deep and emotive tones of Moon Crater are but two examples of this, the fluency and gentle progression of both arrangements are sublime.

The album concludes with the piece Sentimentalium, a lush and bright combination of piano and violin in perfect musical symbiosis, proving without doubt that whilst a track maybe short in time, it can be vast in beauty and colour and is the perfect way to conclude this collection of wonderful compositions.

Violin Passion: Postludium Noir by Benedikt is one of those albums that highlights the creative skills of a man who clearly loves his work, his violin and the pure pleasure of creating absolutely blissful compositions, it is without doubt a musical moment of outstanding natural beauty, and so very easy to recommend.

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