Monday, October 19, 2020

Beachcombing (Soundscapes Vol 2) By Divine Matrix


Beachcombing (Soundscapes Vol 2)


Divine Matrix

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Ever since the release of New Day back in 2009, I always felt there was something very special about Steve Barnes, his music truly spoke to me, drew me in and carried me along, now over the years as Divine Matrix the artist has kept that magic going, and with this new release Beachcombing (Soundscapes Vol 2) he has crossed into the musical borderlands of greatness.

An album that is inspired by many loving memories of times in nature with his father, the artist has created something spectacular and vast here, listen to the opening piece Unknown Origins of Flotsam, one could easily be there on the beach in autumn, combing the sands of time themselves.

Tracks like Sea Glass and Strange Finds retain that sense of reflective energy within their hallowed halls of tone, the soundscapes are also beautifully natural and wide open, the artists skills at manifesting lush electronic vistas are indeed something to marvel at and enjoy.

Footsteps in the Wash was something so special, the symbiotic partnership of natural sounds and electronic ambience created a tempting musical vista to enjoy and walk within, one that worked so beautifully with the penultimate offering entitled Walking The Tideline, a track with a slightly elevated tempo and energy, but still fully holding onto this never ending blissful reality of a beachcombing ambient narrative.

Steve Barnes has indeed over the years matured into a wonderfully fluent electronic artist, and now also into one who can completely call himself a creator of layered and textured realities of sound. To end with such a sublime offering like Rockpools was nothing more than sheer genius, and as always the Divine Matrix is well named and as usual, always leaves us wanting more.

Beachcombing (Soundscapes Vol 2) by Divine Matrix is an album that has to be part of any serious electronic music fans record collection. It is a release packed with quality performances and moving, memory filled compositions. The Divine Matrix has yet again created an album that offers so much to enjoy, it is an album of great colour, and a release of utterly encapsulating arrangements, and one that really needs to be in your collections as soon as possible.

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