Thursday, October 29, 2020

Quantum Leap Breeze By Hiroki Okano


Quantum Leap Breeze


Hiroki Okano

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have just spent nearly one sublime hour in a meditative state listening to this brand new release by Hiroki Okano entitled Quantum Leap Breeze, I shut myself away with just the music, and enjoyed every second of this fifty minute opus.

I first found a love for the music of Hiroki Okano back in 2002, thanks to a musical friend of mine Nigel Shaw, who with Guillermo Martinez was also on the release Bamboo Cedar Oak.

I felt myself journeying at times; this amazing album is a magical weave of crafted segments that in my view represent the planets multi-dimensional aspects; if the Earth had a soundtrack this would be it. Multi-instrumental in style, Okano brings us a long form composition that you can literally sink into, and at times just blissfully drift with.

At the 20 minute marker I felt the need to give myself some healing, so with Reiki energy activated I harnessed the resonance of the flute of the artist, the chimes and sonic backdrop were utterly translucent and beautiful to bathe within, the connection to nature and our planet is so easy to make thanks to this great new offering.

Quantum Leap Breeze is a true musical journey in segments, the 30 minute marker brought a divine state of ambience to the proceedings, whilst at 40 minutes, a sensitive sense of reflection could be found in the weave of something so incredibly thoughtfully composed.

The backdrop of natural sounds throughout the release were masterfully layered to perfection, and one can feel the heartbeat of this world through the music, this is also a perfect album to relax to and get ones breathing fluent and correct. In short this is a multi-instrumental heaven, and probably the best 50 minutes I have spent for many years, it gives the listener time out of their reality to reconnect with the pulse of the planet, and that can’t be a bad thing can it?

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