Thursday, October 8, 2020

I Have Loved You By Laura Christie Wall & Fransoafran

I Have Loved You


Laura Christie Wall & Fransoafran

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Creativity has been truly in the forefront of most musicians psyche ever since this global pandemic started; the freedom of expression is the only true freedom we have left currently.

Here we see pianist Laura Christie Wall team up with contemporary instrumentalist and violinist Fransoafran, this collaboration will bring to the table one of the most beautiful singles of the year, with the offering I Have Loved You.

The structure of this piece is a masterclass on arrangement, build and progression, the performance by Laura Christie Wall is both gentle and poignant, while the violin of Fransoafran is emotive and played with the heart firmly on the sleeve. Both have manifested here a lush and blissful repose into the deep realms of the musical heart, and thus should have a huge hit on their hands with this new single with ease.


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