Monday, October 19, 2020

House of Chimes By Robert Fox


House of Chimes


Robert Fox

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The electronic mastery of Robert Fox is back in full view for us to enjoy on House of ChimesThere is a delightful grandness to the structure to much of the music, and elements of sheer genius can be found throughout this new 8 track solo album.

The symbiotic nature of time and movement is looked into in great depth within this release, none more so than the brilliant opening piece entitled House of Chimes, a composition that marches on with care and attention in an almost new age styled methodology, one that reminded me of Time by Pink Floyd, but non the less a perfect place to start.

Fox’s simply beautiful ear can be found on my personal favourite on the album entitled Murmuration, when it happens here, which is rare, it is a simply amazing occurrence to watch, and Fox has it spot on the money with a composition that seems to move, flow and change course with ease, the lush build and progression on this track is utterly divine.

Pieces like The Devil’s Puzzle hold that sense of mystery and wonder for us, while Prayers of Light and Darkness fulfil an almost meditative reality of ambience that is too difficult to resist, the mournful quality of the latter track is also sublime.

Since the spring of 2020 there has been one word that has dominated the news, our lives and each and every moment of the tick and tock of an unrelenting clock, Lockdown! With the pandemic completely out of control, I am on a self-imposed one as I write this review and that is the track with which I float with now, as it speaks for my current situation; one could easily say it is an anthem for a never ending reflection, the electronic mournful nature of this track is deeply effective and incredibly powerful, the vocalisations equally so.

House of Chimes is indeed an album that needs to be listened to in depth, it is a work of art that needs to be given room to expand, and the time to dive deep into. Fox has moved into the darker realms of his psyche with this new offering, and I hope like me, you will simply adore this manifestation of this grand soundscape of tone, talent and style.

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