Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Deep Peace By Laurence Furr


Deep Peace


Laurence Furr

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Oh the bliss of the Harp, it has thankfully now become an instrument of good favour and indeed flavour within the ranks of the New Age Music genre, and about time too. This latest release, Deep Peace from Laurence Furr, exemplifies everything that is good about the harp and more so.

The opening offering from this beautiful 15 track album is sublime and entitled Quiet Earth, this brings to one, instant peace and beauty from the confines of its breath taking stunning composition.

The mournful reposes and emotive motifs are a constant within this stunning album, especially when you add in the vast and lush skills on Native flute by the artist on pieces like Grey Wind of the West, Flowing Air or Brown on the Soil, all utterly transcendent offerings.

Furr is a new artist to me, but I am so very grateful I have found his work at last, it is so deeply peaceful and tranquil, you only have to lay in the arms of compositions like the warm and loving Green of the Grass, the meditative Sleeping Stones, or the visual and soothing narrative of Quiet Rain, to fall head over heels with this album.

Laurence Furr’s performances within this amazing collection of wondrous arrangements are a thing to be marvelled at alone; listen with an open heart and mind to beauties such as Healing Light, or the charming refrains of Shining Stars, perhaps even the tranquillity created by the last piece entitled Gentle Night, each and every track so lovingly created.

Deep Peace by Laurence Furr has to be given the award of one of the nicest albums recorded in 2020. It would be virtually impossible to listen to this album and not be chilled by its contents.

Here within the dimensions of this release are 15 tracks, each one manifested into your world by the hands of Laurence Furr and all musically cooked to perfection, and all from the tender heart of an artist who truly cares, to the open minds and imaginations of all who will listen; this is without doubt one to recommend.

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