Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Peace in Every Moment By Tom Moore & Tim Sadow


Peace in Every Moment


Tom Moore & Tim Sadow

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is a massive need for good explorative music these days, when we are all contained within our homes across the planet, music is the one thing that can set us free, and it is truly amazing music like Peace in Every Moment that can pacify that desire and bring peace to the heart and soul.

Tom Moore & Tim Sadow have manifested something truly breath-taking here with Peace in Every Moment; from the incredible sense of anticipation of the opening track Just a Breath Away, to the profundity and complexities of Peace Runs Deep.

This is an album that is simply genius in motion, the added bonus of a thunderstorm in the title track Peace In Every Moment is always going to be a winner for me personally, the string and keyboard performances here by the artists are utterly sublime, and resonated deeply within me, while offerings like Everlasting Peace hovered with an intensity of a mid-summers afternoon in July.

If someone ever asks you to say what actually is new age music, you need to point no further than this album and tell them to take a listen, what is contained within is magical and quite beautiful, a fine example is the penultimate composition Stillness In Our Midst, a track so vast and panoramic, one could easily get lost within its musical dimensions.

The conclusion is brought to us by the final piece entitled The Endless River, a masterful long form opus of over 20 minutes, an elaborate and picturesque arrangement that gives the listener so much room to walk around musically within, and a truly clever way with which to finish the album too.

Peace in Every Moment by Tom Moore & Tim Sadow is a crafted, beautifully performed collection of classy presentations; each and every composition is manifested with such care and attention to detail it should be applauded. It is rare to find albums of such a vastly high quality these days, but here is one that excels in creating a listener experience that is packed with moments of tranquillity and calm, surely an absolute must for all serious music fans.

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