Wednesday, July 3, 2024

The Best Adventure By Curtis Macdonald


The Best Adventure


Curtis Macdonald

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The artist Curtis Macdonald seems to have been in my musical world for years, and of course after writing that I just had to check, and I was right, way back in 2002 I obtained the album Shadow Crossing and was hooked for evermore, his soothing narratives have charmed me since that day, and happily I can announce that right now, I am bathing in the fresh delights of a new single entitled The Best Adventure, from the artist.

This glorious track has all the hall marks of a dip back into the ‘90’s with a wonderfully full flowing glistening narrative, one taking us into a sun kissed summer, with a chilled beat and a sensitive yet rhythmic pastiche of percussion, this is a reverie of great colour and tone indeed.

The tempo is simply perfect and the descriptive passages of this chilled song are like looking at the vast blue sea from an ocean drive in July, the upbeat key in which this has been created gifts the listener a moment of tranquillity, but also one of an energy of a shimmering new day that is about to start in all its expectant glory.

One might also wonder if Curtis has found the magical key to unlock a composition that could easily be the theme for a television series, perhaps in the same way as The Theme for Cheers was for Gary Portnoy back in ‘82, regardless this is a bright new offering from Curtis Macdonald that is simply impossible not to like, and as such a guaranteed hit must be on the cards for the artist with The Best Adventure.

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