Tuesday, July 9, 2024

NOVAE By Jacquelyn G. Kleine




Jacquelyn G. Kleine

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are few instrumentalists that thrill the senses and create a level of excitement on the cusp of a new release, Jacquelyn G. Kleine is most certainly one of those musicians, and now we gladly see the release of a brand new single from her, one steeped in the a wonderfully fluent mysterious tone and called NOVAE.

It is always a pleasure to hear Jacquelyn’s work; the mix of a sonic background and a soaring flute works wonders for the imagination, however a deeper trail will be found on this new manifestation, one that contains a real tribal energy about its construction.

The depth of this new single is palpable, its flavours distinctly ancestral, the distant drum throughout this single is deftly created and gives an effect of an event in process somewhere within the vast woodlands of nature.

Kleine’s flute is always impressive, but this matched with a symbiotic background synth structure is simply breath taking, all three corners are perfectly balanced and as such magic is created.

NOVAE by Jacquelyn G. Kleine is yet another in a long line of sublime arrangements brought into this world by the artist, she is without doubt a sonic painter of sound, and her tapestries of tone especially on this new offering are so visual and bathed in an enticing energy.

I have no doubt that this new single is going to be another huge hit for the artist, as it appeals to a cross line of genres, with a world global influence, the new age music fans among us, and those that adore that primal energy flowing with an abundant ethnicity in their music, if you fit into any of those descriptions, then you will be more than willing to grab a copy of NOVAE by Jacquelyn G. Kleine as quick as you can!

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