Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Spark By Antonija Pacek




Antonija Pacek

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are pianists whom you always look forward to when a new release is on offer, Antonija Pacek is one of them for me, her tender tones and colourful and thoughtful refrains always fill me with emotion and appreciation, and here on this brand new album called Spark I have another opportunity to fill myself with the abundance of the day.

Firstly how refreshing was it to see any artist actually start with the title track, a soft, yet poignant piece, a textured tapestry of sound, and one performed with all the beauty of a newly born flower, this has to be one of the most pristine pieces to start and album with ever in the offering Spark.

This 14 track collection of piano based music has some amazing gems contained within like River, now those who known me well, know that I adore rivers and music composed about them, I am very glad to say that this creation lives up to my high standards, and indeed it has a beautifully smooth flow to its construction.

Night Orchestral is a stunning reverie; one can only say that this manifestation is most certainly film score quality, the build, progression and powerful and emotive string sections are some of the deepest and most moving I have heard for simply ages.

The charming vibrations of tracks like Shadow, a piece so imploring and emotive are backed up perfectly with compositions that cry out to be loved like The Wave, a sensitive manifestation of great movement, and the concluding offering entitled Sun Will Shine, a track that sums up the mood perhaps of the world, that one day the sun will rise and shine upon an honest and real Earth, regardless this is a fine creation with which to conclude our visit to this classy album with.

We can also note that there are two bonus tracks on the album as well, in the radio edit of Elegy and The Sea Lullaby, and even if you are not lucky enough to get those upon your version of the album, as sometimes is the case, you will still have 12 amazing tracks to bathe with in and enjoy a total reverie of a piano moment in the album Spark by Antonija Pacek.

This new release comes on the back of a multitude of stunning singles, one can be totally sure that the skill set of a pianist like Antonija Pacek will always produce high standard quality of music where ever she goes, and that Spark could well propel her up the ladder of success, and onto her next phase in this vast genre in the music business that is called Piano.

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