Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Glow By Ian Cameron Smith




Ian Cameron Smith

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are certain musicians with whom you just resonate with, you find that their catalogue suits your taste, and with each passing composition this musical relationship just keeps on getting better, this can be said for my appreciation of the work of Australian guitarist Ian Cameron Smith, the best bit of all is he has a new single on offer called Glow, and it is on this voyage of sublime quality we travel today.

This crafted new release is truly special; it starts with a gentle and cautious beginning and then a slight percussive beat is added to that flowing narrative, when the guitar of the artist breaks cover, it is a treasure to behold.

We have a slight mix of tone here that works so well, one of new age, chill out and blues, all combined they gift us a manifestation of a track that is as laid back and chilled as an August evening.

Glow is an exceptional new single, this is going to be one of those pieces that will appeal to everyone, and it is also beautifully produced and reminded me greatly of the style of guitar in Telegraph Road by Dire Straits back in the day. This is a warm, all-embracing new single from Ian that I, as a music writer urge you to get; quality singles like Glow don’t turn up every day, so this is one to be snapped up at all costs.

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