Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Finding Yourself in a Better Place By Francis V


Finding Yourself in a Better Place


Francis V

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Artists like Francis V breathe a little fresh air into the music scene, this is of course gratefully received, we all need to be chilled and lifted from time to time, and this brand new single from the artist called Finding Yourself in a Better Place is a wonderful example of simply easy on the mind instrumental music.

The title actually speaks brilliantly for itself, and this fluent and even paced composition is one of those songs you might press play on to start your day with, especially if you want to energize it with a little positive energy.

From its initial inception, this vibrant yet soothing creation has the kiss of summer on its tones of bliss; the gentle percussive beat reminds me of those atmospheric and chilled Buddha bar creations from the early part of this century.

This arrangement by Francis V holds its pattern perfectly and could also be used as driving music on a hot July afternoon, the whole vibe of Finding Yourself in a Better Place drifts the reality of happiness and the letting go of stress all around you, and to be honest we should all do more of that, accept the positive and drop the baggage.

Here Francis V gifts us a soundtrack of cheerful energy to enjoy, this is a fine instrumental experience that I am sure will fly high up the charts with consummate ease, and in doing so manifest a huge hit for the artist with Finding Yourself in a Better Place.


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