Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Worlds Beyond By David De Michele


Worlds Beyond


David De Michele

Written by

Steve Sheppard


David De Michele is the star man of electronic music, he is our galactic voyager of sublime tunes, and our cosmic traveller of ambience personified. Here on his new album Worlds Beyond, his journey is somewhat different, instead of travelling through space itself, we now shuttle from one world to another, a sojourn that is all to delectable to miss out on.

The album cover is also remarkable and reminded me in part of the Dilithium cracking world on Star Trek. The opening foray of tone and splendour revealed an outstanding offering, its ethereal vocalisations and swirling synths allowed us to traverse time and space at a whim, and of course I am refereeing to the title track itself Worlds Beyond.

I have now listened to this album twice in full and each time I do so I notice more and more, as we arrive at Starchild we find a track that simply hovers with an almost mystical delight, the softness of the synths here is palpable and deliciously moody, whilst the ever onward motif of music and modulation is akin to a more tranquil version of Berlin styled electronica.

Expedition Blue is our next layover, this is a more up tempo creation from the artist, I adored the level of expectancy within this piece, within the arrangement one could feel a sense of excitement and expectation that was glorious. The driving synth patterns allowed for a softer transposition which was decidedly clever in construction.

I once remember an old friend of mine in Phil Thornton, create a song about the Mothership and here David does something similar in the manifestation of this next offering entitled Return of the Mothership. There is a blissful sensitivity and almost angelic touch to this track that makes it so moving and colourful, it is as if we are watching the sky, and in the far distance we can see our ship returning home, that sense of reconnection is well crafted by the artist.

Release docking clamps, engage inertial dampeners, and move ahead at impulse speed Ensign, this command could easily be uttered by our ships commander as we attempt to reach Escape Velocity. One has to really applaud De Michele’s skill here, in yet once again, capturing a sense of excitement and anticipation in the arrangement, but this time, add to that a sense of trepidation, and then peaceful calm once the velocity has been reached. This is a master class in music composition by the artist, and crafted touch of electronic wizardry too.

This deep seated piece would turn out to be one of my personal favourites and called Alien World Sunrise, it is becoming very evident here that David’s style is fast becoming one that will one day see him as a visionary in the world of ambient space music. The build and progression here is exactly like a sunrise, but imagine transposing that onto your first view of one on a completely alien world, the musician has captured this segment in life perfectly.

The penultimate offering off the album is entitled Visions of Distant Worlds and here Michele brings his A game, this style reminds me of a mixture of many who have gone before, the swirling synth pads of Kendle and Serrie, the vocalisation ambience of Al Gromer Khan and the soundtrack standard and elevations of Vangelis, a special moment reveals itself here, one not to be missed.

Indigo Blue Horizon is without doubt one of the most artistic tracks off the album, its serene synths manifest an oasis of calm and peace, and perhaps hints of journeys yet to come, once more David brings a mood of a mystical nature into the weave, even a reality of determination as well, and whilst doing so concludes the album, leaving us wanting more and more.

Worlds Beyond by David De Michele can be summed up in just one word, class! But we’re not going to stop there, because he has gifted us the next level of his adventures as a musician, this collection of sublime creations allows us to travel sonically in a more inter dimensional way, the album itself is like watching waves on the ocean fold back into themselves to recreate the same moment, but in a totally different way, this is such a blissful album I would recommend it to anyone who likes their music to actually take them somewhere.

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