Friday, January 13, 2023

Out of Doors: Meditations for Piano and Nature By Bodhiheart


Out of Doors: Meditations for Piano and Nature



Written by

Steve Sheppard


January has been an exceptional month for me as a music writer, I have come across some amazing albums already, the works of Wells Hanley and Matt Wyatt as Bodhiheart can now join that illustrious listing, with their simply outstanding 12 track mixture of field recordings and piano, now known to us all as Out of Doors: Meditations for Piano and Nature.

This is one of those albums you really need to dedicate time to, purely because it deserves it, from the opening piece Departure, to the concluding opus of Other Worlds. Each and every track on the album is simply delicious, and compositions like the soothing musical narrative of First Signs of Spring, is but one of a plethora of fine examples of natural ambience.

As a listener who craves meditative moments in music, this album is like a late Christmas present to me, and pieces like Migration and Midnight (The Moon) speak to the inner Buddha Nature that resides within us all somewhere, both tracks are played with such a level of sensitivity and care and indeed, tenderness.

Offerings like Ocean, Sand, Skin and the penultimate track off the album Summer Storm are two perfect instances of excellence, one could with ease, let go of the day and allow the recordings to literally take you to that moment, both of these are very relevant for me personally as were heading for a storm and I live by the coast, the field recordings here and on this entire album, it has to be said, are some of the finest I have ever heard.

We can leave with a long form creation called Other Worlds, this piece just adds to the serenity of the moment, however there is an exciting hint of a mysterious nature built into this concluding offering, perhaps a hint of what maybe to come!

Out of Doors: Meditations for Piano and Nature by Bodhiheart is an album that you just cannot help but adore, this is one of my favourite styles of release, ambient, meditative and laid gently in the arms of mother nature herself, a sure fire winner here with ease, and one that I would be proud to recommend to make your sanctuary of the soul, just that little bit more real.

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