Monday, January 30, 2023

Victory: Vakratunda By Sarves Thiru


Victory: Vakratunda


Sarves Thiru

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The gentle loving tones of this new single by Sarves Thiru wash over you with a rich sublime beauty; this new composition is called Victory: Vakratunda. This one is fascinating, Ganesha's first incarnation was as Vakratunda meaning curved trunk, and I literally have a statue of him in our studio, and the great remover of blocks and obstacles has certainly proved a wonderfully ally over the years with regard to that.

This new single from Sarves is utterly delightful; it’s beautifully colourful, and rich in its tones and vibrations, the slow, but sensitive repeating mantra is partnered by a formidable but respectful multi-instrumental backdrop, one that is birthed in the world and global music genres, a heartfelt new offering indeed and a single that surely must be chart bound.

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