Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Behind The Veil By Spencer Brewer


Behind The Veil


Spencer Brewer

Written by

Steve Sheppard


When one examines the passing of time, we can truly appreciate the journey that we have taken within our lives, Spencer Brewer is a prime example of that aforementioned statement, as Behind The Veil by the artist was the first release from the musician for some 14 years, and one has to say well worth waiting for. I would also be in rapture here, as this album would contain one of the finest examples of solo piano I have heard this century with ease, but more on that later.

Behind the Veil is one of the most beautifully fluent albums I have had the pleasure to listen to for years, it contains a myriad of brilliant supporting artists as well, all of whom I hope to mention later on, from the first footfalls of Parasols In Paris, where one can skim across the dance floor of tone and ambience, and then into the blissful refrains of And So It Goes..., a track so majestically played and performed.

Portraits is a sun kissed creation that drifts from Brewers keys and straight into the hearts of the ever grateful listener, this would also be one of many favourites for me personally, the build and progression here is simply sublime and flows into the river of calm known now as Myths And Legends, a manifestation of brilliance that has a wonderful mystical vibe to its overall creation, and a little Celtic lilt as well.

The joyous conversation of charm can be heard on this next offering entitled Together We Make One, the multi instrumentational nature on this song was delightful, positive and empowering, the energetic overall textures from this happy reverie were just what I needed on this gloomy January day.

As we arrive at the half way juncture we are gifted a piece with an upbeat tempo called Legend of Rene Anguiano, this is a classy full flowing musical narrative with a little pertinent Spanish flavour built into the weave of the arrangement, one that creatively landed us in the lap of the deep and fascinating title track Behind The Veil.

I adore title tracks, it’s that moment we can truly see, what’s literally behind the veil of the entire project, this has to be the most artistic endeavour on the release and takes us on a whole host of moving sojourns through its 4 minutes plus in duration, leaving us in the knowledge that we have experienced a moving, emotive, yet colourful and textured creation that touches the heart mind and souls of us all who give into this moment.

Eden has a crisp quality to its manifestation that is simply addictive to listen to, it’s a track with a goal in mind, a composition that guides the way to a land of colour, peace and musical tranquillity, while Brewer made my wife’s day by bringing one of the most amazing arrangements of a Jazz classic to the table with Summertime, a song she sings, and a track that I adore, Brewer manifests a mood here on this piece that is as hot and steamy as a late august night.

We swim into the deeper waters of the album now, and as we reach the safety of the bankside we come across a song that contains a melodic structure that builds us up and relaxes us into a moment of total bliss and called Remember When, this reverie drifts across the mirrored pools of delight, and into the open arms of the penultimate piece entitled Where We Used To Play, a memory palace of an arrangement, where only happy moments are allowed, and a sense of gratitude of our experiences, this is classic new age piano from the master.

So, I know you have been waiting patiently for that opening statement of greatness to come to fruition, and here it is, the final construct, the ending moment of genius, the conclusion of class, as I rate Walls That Move as my personal favourite piano track thus far of this century, this has it all for me, a sense of ambience, a deep well of reflection, and an emotional construct that I could, and will play forever more, what a stunning way with which to conclude what in my opinion is a totally superb album, 14 years in the waiting, but each and every second has been more than worth it.

Behind the Veil by Spencer Brewer is a compilation of experience, artistic endeavour and utter class all rolled into one very beautiful album, a big hat’s off must also go to Nancy Rumble, Paul McCandless, Jeremy Cohen, Joseph Christianson, Chad Catlinger and Andre’s Vera, all have lent their valuable skill sets to this simply splendid project. Behind the Veil by Spencer Brewer is an album that will find its way to the top shelf marked masterful, and will live forever more in the hearts of the most discerning of listeners, as being one of the most idyllic and lyrical manifestations of music they have ever enjoyed.

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