Thursday, January 12, 2023

Native Flute Journeys 3 By Sandi Horton


Native Flute Journeys 3


Sandi Horton

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Flute composer Sandie Horton presents to us a brand new release entitled Native Flute Journeys 3, and in doing so has crafted one of the finest examples of solo flute I have heard of some years, each piece created on different scales and styles of flute, this for me is fascinating as I haven’t seen this manifested so well since Nigel Shaw’s Dartmoor Roundhouse back in the early part of this century.

Each composition has a story of its own, with its own intent and energy and its own mood and dimension of tone, this for me is special and almost meditative at times, tracks like the opening piece A Song To Mother Earth, a Yellow Cedar low flute began this voyage of calm for me, in a world of a solo experience that was so very contemplative.

This 12 track album is a blissful home of peace and serenity, emphasised perfectly by tracks like Twenty-Five Pelicans (Zebra Wood Flute) and Medicine Park Hymn, (Buried Camphor) a piece that I found particularly moving as it reminded me of my time in Oklahoma, but just over 200 miles from the location of this composition in Ponca City, but that respectful, beautiful and harmonic Native resonance was still there.

There is so much on this crafted album to enjoy, for me, songs and manifestations about the silver energy of the night orb above us is always going to be a winner, as Full Moon found a place in my heart with great ease, using a Curly Maple flute, Horton manifests magic of the night in her creation.

The lightness of pieces like the penultimate offering on I'm Glad She Found Me (Madrone Wood) lighten the mood, whilst the album is beautifully concluded by the final offering entitled The Moon Comes Out and on a wonderful Bass flute made from Yellow Cedar. Such tranquillity floats across the mind’s eye and leaves us in no doubt that we have heard a truly sublime, intelligently created, and lovingly manifested collection of impressive solo flute tracks.

Native Flute Journeys 3 by Sandi Horton continues the artist’s progression and her personal journey through the realms of flute, and her spiritual connection to it, this is a personal journey filled with love, honesty, tenderness and all created with a humble heart felt approach, and as such is without doubt an album I would completely recommend to anyone seeking sanctuary in the arms of flute music. 

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